Salesforce Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Coolan

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Customizable dashboard and API that aggregates multiple data streams and makes hardware operations simple and easy to understand.


A SaaS-based solution that provides detailed component-level analytics on hardware performance. Easy to deploy within minutes.


Leverage insights and receive personalized recommendations gained from a community of hardware operators.

Visual Snapshot of Your Infrastructure

Coolan helps companies map and better manage their enterprise infrastructure. We cut through the noise of different interfaces with a centralized dashboard and API access to empower you with information about where your hardware is, how it’s performing, and how it compares to industry peers.

Visual Snapshot of Your Infrastructure

Automate & Analyze Your Operations

Powered by machine learning, our platform analyzes the collective event data from our customer base, and we present data-driven insights on utilization rates, outages, and performance trends to improve the efficiency of your current IT deployment and lower operating expenditures.


Automate & Analyze Your Operations

Proactive Management

We take out the guesswork for organizations managing their infrastructure at scale and help achieve tangible ROI through reduced downtime and lower costs. Our performance dashboard and predictive analytics enable our customers to track assets, anticipate when a failure might occur, and make informed purchasing decisions in the future.

Proactive Management

Coolan’s algorithms constantly analyze information such as configuration, failure and event data from its entire customer base. With machine learning, those algorithms can adjust as they receive new information. The software can predict when certain components in various servers might fail or tell IT staff whether they would get better performance by changing server configurations.

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Coolan’s software is meant to examine the connection between the overall data center as a macrocosm and the physical servers inside the data center as a microcosm. It’s something Facebook has sought to do in building out its sprawling data centers, and now Michael and a small group of engineers want to bring that integrated approach for analytics to the rest of the world.


Coolan is designed as a community-based analytics solution, in which the collective experience of data center operators can be harnessed to spot trends that can benefit the industry, including both end users and IT vendors. Coolan is applying machine learning to discover problems that impact the total cost of ownership (TCO) of data center infrastructure.

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